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These Calm Caps are absolutely awesome, a herbal nootropic adaptogen brain stack, designed to calm you the F down, no matter the situation. With a powerful blend of extract and herb, Calm Caps includes Matricaria chamomilla, Eschscholzia californica, Passiflora, Scutellaria to name just a few, and you are one big step closer to achieving a sense of overall calm, peace and general anything goes attitude. We as a human race are under a tremedous amount of stress, and stress leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to freaking the F out at least opportune time, like infront of the boss, or the inlaws, or the kids heaven forbid!.Its not fair on you, not fair on them, just not fair. Calm Caps also assist very nicely with PMS symptoms, providing calrity where there seems to be none in the porridge brain. Manage your stress and you will manage your anxiety, Calm Caps cant fix the situation, but they will equip you with a sound state of mind to do it yourself.

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