It wasn’t that long ago that vapers had very limited options when it came to buying e-liquid for their electronic cigarettes. Unless you were into modding or DIY, your choices were mainly either cartridges meant for cigs and a few e-liquids – mostly high-PG products. Today, however, the options are endless. You can choose between high PG and high VG, nicotine salts and freebase, and more – and that doesn’t even touch on the extremely wide array of flavours you can try. In many ways, this variety is a good thing, as it helps make vaping a truly personalised experience that you can design to suit your own unique preferences. However, it can also make buying e-juice confusing for someone who is just starting out. Let’s take a look at the different types of vape juice and how you can determine which ones are right for you.

Key terms

In the world of vaping, it helps if you understand a few key terms that you’ll hear on occasion. If you’re trying to find the right e-liquid, you may encounter terms such as:


right vape juice

Choosing your nicotine strength

Whether you are using a simple e-cigarette or an advanced vape mod, you’ll need to find the right nicotine strength for you. The trick here is that if you choose a nicotine level that’s too low, you aren’t likely to find vaping satisfying enough and are less likely to switch from smoking successfully. Choose a juice with too much nicotine, and you may experience the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine overload (nausea, increased heart rate, headache, or dizziness). Here’s a good rule of thumb:

Keep in mind that you can always switch to a different nicotine level if the first one you try doesn’t work for you.

More considerations

Once you’ve decided on a nicotine strength to try, there are many other choices to make and factors to consider to find the right vape juice for you. Here are some tips to help you get started.

A word about flavour

When you shop for your first bottle of e-liquid the right vape juice, you’ll quickly discover an entire world of possibilities. Your choice of flavour is a very personal one, and the best way to find your favourites is to simply experiment. The main thing is to decide whether you’d like a tobacco or menthol flavour or something totally different, such as a fruity or dessert flavour. Again, though, the best way to find what you like is to try it. In fact, many people find that one of the most fun parts of vaping is trying new e-juices, so don’t be surprised if you end up with a rather large collection of options that you enjoy.


As you can see, a lot goes into choosing your vape juice. However, once you learn a little about the various factors and identify your unique needs, it becomes much easier to narrow down your best options. Have fun exploring the wonderful and widely varied world of e-liquids!

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